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Global Testimonials

Voilà what our clients from across the world have to say...

We came to India in July 2011 from Paraguay and we only knew Spanish. My father Oscar Ubaldo Benitez is a Diplomat in Paraguay Embassy and we had to stay in India for at least another 5 years. It was almost impossible to get admission in any Indian school without the knowledge of English. I and my sister Violeta Jeruti Benitez underwent an English course at Sorobrain® under Seema and we learnt to speak the language in only 7 months. We got a very friendly environment at the institute. The faculty is very helpful and the staff especially Bhawna & Durga are very cooperative. Today, we both are in a good school in Delhi. Now my father is also learning English in the Institute as we are very happy and satisfied that we are able to speak the language at this early age. We are grateful to Seema Jain and Sorobrain

Oscar Nicolas Benitez


I am a European student and when I was on a vacation in India my relatives recommended Sorobrain to improve my French. It’s totally different learning system from the Europe and it made me improve my level by 200% thanks to its fast and effective system.

Angel Lopez


Seema is very approachable and friendly. I never felt reluctant asking questions, and she always answered patiently, with a lot of interesting details. Time really flies in class because she makes the whole process engaging, interactive, and fun! Not only is Seema well-versed in French, but is also a great teacher and communicator

Pieter Dockx


I had the privilege of studying French under Seema Jain for 5 years. Not only was I able to exponentially improve my performance in tests during school, the curriculum taught to me by Mrs. Seema stayed with me after my time with Sorobrain. When I went to pursue my career in Dubai, I was able to hold conversations with French Nationals and form meaningful relationships with them due to my grasp of the french language and culture. This was only made possible due to Mrs. Seema's focus on mastering french in real-life scenarios!



In 2015, we had the chance to attend Seema's presentation at the "Alliance Française de Delhi”. We were impressed by the quality of the performance in French. À year later we invited Seema to stay with us for two weeks in France. She had the opportunity of attending French lessons as well as teaching classes in a secondary school successfully. It was a great experience for her and for us.

Danielle Maigrot & François Maigrot


Seema has an excellent grasp of the French Language. The best part is that she is well acquainted with syllabi of different boards, including international curriculums. A student of grade 7, my son was able to strengthen his foundations of French language and grammar. Seema was able to engage him through songs and stories and helped him build his verbal skills as well.

Deepshikha Mehta