Frequently Asked Questions

Registering for your students:
  • 1. Select the competition you want to register your students.
  • 2. Select "school register" and fill out the details.
  • 3. Once you complete the payment you will get a list of activation codes.
  • 4. Give one code to each student and ask them to go to the competition page and select the 'register with code' option.
  • 5. With the codes you will also get a directions guide.
  • 6. To register as a school or college, a minimum of 10 participants are required.

Registering individually allows you to pass through the payment gateway and gives you an access to the competition through your My Account page once you complete the transaction.

Quizzes are scored based on two factors: accuracy and speed. Accuracy is given more weightage than speed, so make sure you get answers right instead of answering fast. The formula looks like:
((number_of_correct_answers / total_number of_questions) * 100) * ((total_time - attempt_time) / 10)

When you buy anything on the website (quizzes, competitions, workshops, book) you will get instant electronic delivery of your product. As soon as you complete the checkout process it will reflect the changes in your 'my account' page.

If you have a query please find the relevant contact information here: [email protected] or check the contact us page.

Once you register for a particular workshop, you will get the access to the workshop and link(s) of its zoom session(s) on your My Account page. You need to ensure a high-speed internet connectivity at your end and can connect to the link at its designated time.

Once you get a code for a product, please find the product page, click on 'register with code' then copy-paste your code into the text box. After clicking submit you will get access to your product.

You can enter discount code where it says ‘Enter discount code, if you have one…’ and click on ‘Register Individually’. It will give you an appropriate discount on the amount as per the percentage that was offered to you while giving that discount code. Please note that the discounted amount will only be shown after you click on the 'Register Individually' button.

The competition is open to all French learners of age 8 years and above with various levels of difficulties who are learning French from any institute or a school/college as a 2nd or 3rd language. Since it is a competition based on genders of nouns, it is the vocabulary of an individual that matters more than any other grammatical aspect. So, the nouns in the quizzes have been chosen for different levels as per their simplicity or frequency of use.
The following categories need to be selected by the students as per the age group mentioned hereunder.
Débutant – 8 to 12 years
Intermédiaire – 13 to 15 years
Avancé – 16 yrs and above

The competition is a series of 11 quizzes based on 11 chapters of the book ‘Le bleu ou La rose’ with 11 questions in each quiz of 11 minutes. The competition will be open for 24 hours on a predetermined date and time. One can start at any time in that duration and needs to submit all the 11 quizzes before the 24 hours are over. You are able to take a break between quizzes (During the break you can logout and login from another device). As soon as the time is up, the Leader board will appear on the page in place of the quizzes and you will get to see the Top 25 winners in each category.

E-certificates will be sent to the Top 25 with their ranks and the rest will get e-certificates of participation. The final result is calculated as the total of all the quizzes. The certificates will be sent directly to the email address with which the participant has signed up only after validating the information of the participants. If required, proof will be asked for verification.
So, kindly register with correct spellings of your First name and Last name as the same would appear on your e-certificate and make sure that your details are authentic.

When you submit your quizzes, you get to see your result and explanation with each response. No requests to send the result individually will be entertained.

Yes you can take a break between attempting the quizzes in the competition, however you can't take a break when the quiz timer starts. The timer is maintained on the server, so closing the window will not pause the timer. (During the break you can logout and login from another device)

A free 2 hrs. workshop will be organized online to introduce the concept of the book ‘Le Bleu ou La Rose’ in 4 different schedules. One needs to register in advance to attend the same.

A free pdf of the book “Le Bleu ou La Rose” will be provided to each participant which can be accessed through the My Account page upon registration. All quiz questions will be based on concepts of this book.