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Le Bleu ou La Rose: The Gender of a Noun in French: Masculin ou Féminin 

by Seema Jain 

Price: Rs. 226

Length: 189 pages; Enchanced Typesetting Enabled

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About The Book

Le Bleu ou La Rose is an effort to make the most daunting task of learning genders of nouns in French a bit easier for the learners. It’s very important to know if a word is masculine or feminine because this affects the form of other words used with it such as an adjective, an article or a pronoun. There are many books and articles that talk about categorising genders of nouns but this book makes it easier to keep those categories in mind. An exhaustive list of vocabulary has been introduced so that not only the debutantes but also those who are at an advance stage of learning French can benefit from this book. It will not only be fun reading this book but one would also gain an easy way out to remember the genders of a noun through various keywords, mnemonics, limericks & anecdotes.


The quality of the book is absolutely amazing which has glossy and colorful pages containing attractive pictures 
As a self-study book it is extremely user-friendly, the pages are set out with explanations and examples. The quality of the book is absolutely amazing which has glossy and colorful pages containing attractive pictures. Exceptions play a major role in French language and this book helps us to understand the language in depth very easily. This book contains many easy tricks which help one to remember them. It is a wonderful companion to all French enthusiasts.

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Am really really happy with this book
This book not only helps you with the understanding of the gender of the different nouns, but also increases our vocabulary and improves our language. Am really really happy with this book. I have already starting reading it and I can guarantee that you'll never find a more interesting French grammar book.

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Really Good!
Really Nice to be honest!!
The e-book is quite similar to the paperback!
Very Informative and child-friendly....
Everything is nicely explained through pictures,challenges,crosswords etc..

A Valued Customer