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We offer a variation of services. Here is a glimpse of everything you can avail to enrich your learning experience:  

Online Competitions

  Through our rich and interactive online competition experiences, you can compete with your peers from across the globe to win exciting prizes, and widely recognized certificates.

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Always available

Our support is unmatched. Day or night, we will solve your problem so that you don't hit any bumps on your "French journey".

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Practice Quizzes

Practice your vocabulary, genders, and other French skills with hundreds of our carefully crafted practice quizzes for all levels.

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Interact with expert faculty, peers, and other Sorobrainers in our day long, online workshops. Our painstakingly designed online conferences will solve all our doubts and sharpen your skills. Receive a participation certificate on the successful completion of each workshop.

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We're international. French speakers across the globe use our services to boost their fluency.

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One-on-One Classes

For the student looking to rapidly increase their French ability, we offer personalized one-on-one lessons with our expert faculty.

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Our Handbook: Le bleu ou la rose

As a third language for most students, French poses many complicated grammar rules to understand and learn. An added facet of difficulty is to memorize the gender of each and every noun which does not come instinctively for a foreign language. Seema Jain, the author of the book “Le Bleu ou La Rose” and the Founder of Sorobrain®, acknowledged this struggle for students and developed a solution for the same through this book that consolidates all the tips, tricks and categorizations of nouns to simplify the identification of the gender of the nouns.

The book was released on April 30, 2017 and has already made its place in the market as an ebook as well as paperback.

The book is available for purchase online, but you'll also get access to it after you register for a competition or a relevant workshop!

Our nationally acclaimed book is available, both as an e-book and as a physical publication!

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What people are saying

Supriya Mohan

"Seema has been guiding my son Shiv with French and he has performed consistently well in the subject since he became her student. More importantly, he enjoys his French classes and really looks forward to them. Seema provides a consistent bank of practice sheets to help him stay abreast of the class work and also to prepare for exams. I recommend her highly. "

Vidushi Yaksh

"A lot of people might think that online classes are not as great as when one goes to the centre to study. This is not true. During online classes with Seema ma’am I was actually able to receive more attention and so I am more focussed and concentrated towards what is being taught...

It is really comfortable for one can just sit anywhere with his/her laptop and attend the classes with a click of a button. Assignments and exercises are also sent and discussed regularly and these Skype classes don’t seem to have acted as a hinderance to my marks. These classes are helpful, quick and really knowledgeable. I extremely recommend them to every student.
Anchal Datta

"My daughter Mallika was fortunate to find an excellent teacher in Seema to learn French. She keeps the class engaging and her pace is perfect. Her command over the language, and the ability to instill confidence in a student while correcting a mistake, are qualities of a good educator...

Learning with her has been a very pleasant and fulfilling experience for Mallika. I highly recommend Seema for a valuable and fun learning experience."
Richa Mehta

"French was a completely new language for my son and we were doubtful initially as to how he would cope with it. It was important for him to learn and enjoy the subject. Going strictly by the book could have made it very mundane. This is where Sorobrain’s online teaching methodology added unique value...

Their learning plans are creative and enriching. Instead of going by the book always, they encourage students to learn via creative writing, composing fun songs on alphabets, words, and numbers. In doing so, they helped him harness his logic and imagination to construct sentences, apply rules of grammar ultimately making it a very fulfilling experience. They are brilliant at what they do and make learning French fun and engaging. "
Pranav Maheshwari

"A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in pupils." Thanks to e_Sorobrain for getting the best out of me & helping me build confidence in myself. Scoring 100% on a continuous basis with clear fundamentals wouldn't have been possible without Seema ma’am’s able guidance.

Swasti and Pooja Chaudhary

"I have been learning French through Seema ma'am for about four years now, and when I first received the news about online classes I was a little hesitant, however they work even better than regular classes as they allow the exchange of worksheets and practice exercises more efficiently and are more convenient as well and they can be done from the comfort of your own home. eSorobrain’s classes are a new and enjoyable experience and make learning French even more fun and easy!" - Swasti

"Seema is an exception when it comes to teaching French she comes across not only as a person who masters the language and has enough qualification to be a teacher but much more is how she teaches creates interest in Swasti ( my daughter) to keep pursuing the language. Swasti loves the language only because she’s learning from Seema as she has formed such a bond with her that motivates her. Seema ensures that the child is not just learning from book but has enough practical learning. Her online classes are not less than a personal class .. she is as dedicated and involved as a teacher in the online class as someone in the face to face class will be. I recommend her strongly and thank her for ensuring that Swasti excels in the subject." – Pooja (Mother)

Manasi Saha

"Both my sons extremely benefited after joining Sorobrain®. The most important part being that they started enjoying learning French as a language and both of their marks jumped significantly. Raunak improved from a C to an A in IGCSE and has been doing well in IB as well. Rohan showed a marked improvement by almost 20% in 3 months.

Gayatri Appaya

"My daughter, studying in Grade 9 of the IGCSE board started French classes with Sorobrain® about 6-7 months back. Besides the fact that her grades have gone up since she began individual sessions with Seema...

what sets this class apart is the fact that my daughter really looks forward to them! The classes are interactive, peppered with fun activities, with grammar exercises and unique techniques to remember language rules. I would highly recommend sessions with Seema for French language strengthening"
Sanjmi K. Khurana

Learning with Seema Ma'am is always fun. I learn new things (Yes! Plural) every class. With online lessons, this has just become closer, faster and easier. I am able to take the best French classes in the world with the best teacher in the world without going anywhere. Currently, I am preparing for DELF B2 level and I feel quite comfortable in all the 4 required skills of a language (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing). C’est incroyable !

Monisha and Aaliya

"My daughter Aaliya has been learning French online via e_Sorobrain®for the past 3 years. It has been a beautiful experience and she has now cleared DELF A2 too. Thanks to Sorobrain®that my daughter wants to master the language and make a career out of it." - Monisha (mother)

French is my favourite subject. Learning online with e_ Sorobrain®has not only improved my language but also the ability to be in sync with the technology and digital world. I enjoy my lessons and get instant clarification on my doubts." - Aaliya
Anita Kapoor

If anyone is seeking to learn French, I would highly recommend online lessons at e_Sorobrain®. At the beginning, I was a little apprehensive about learning online. However, have found that it is as good, interactive and focused as face to face home tutoring. In a way it is better as it saves commuting time. Seema ma’am makes learning French, fun and interesting and my daughter Gaurika finds herself looking forward to the next lesson."

what sets this class apart is the fact that my daughter really looks forward to them! The classes are interactive, peppered with fun activities, with grammar exercises and unique techniques to remember language rules. I would highly recommend sessions with Seema for French language strengthening"
Rohini Roy

"I feel I can put my heart out to a page when I think of Seema. She is so much more than just a teacher or guide...for my children...she has redefined "mentoring". I have started the journey initially being her student myself ...even then ...her classes were cherished not just for its excellent content but for the instant boost of energy, positivism and passion that it engulfed one in!

That aspect did not change with her online classes and now both my children are mentored by her. I cant say that I was not apprehensive initially when I heard about the online classes. I too worried about its effectiveness, whether or not the child could be monitored and whether or not this would lead to effective scoring, understanding and follow up. To my greatest satisfaction and surprise, my child went from being at the bottom of her class to the top 3 of her class in French. She went from losing hope in her ability to perform at all in the subject to an all new high of confidence. I have watched her succeed not just in scores but as a a result of Seema's online interactions. Most of all, I have witnessed my daughter's intense love and passion for the subject...something which I am indebted to Seema for, as a parent."

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New Addition: Online Workshops

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3-Hours Workshop for beginners on French verb conjugations in present tense. Key features: Innovative and easy-to-adopt categorization of verbs. Hands on learning through quizzes. Strategy to…

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Les Verbes et Les Temps - Débutant

3 Days [1 hour each day] Workshop for beginners on French verbs and tenses. Key features: - Innovative and easy-to-adopt categorization of verbs. - Extensive use of colourful visuals and tabl…

About Sorobrain

Since 2009, Sorobrain® has specialized in providing a fun and active learning environment for its French language courses through activities like theatrical performances, karaoke, quizzes and competitions, games, puzzles, etc. where the knowledge is put into action. Our motive is to make students absorb the language. As digital technology continues to evolve, eSorobrain is the digital transformation of Sorobrain® that aims at providing the same at the comfort of one’s place while extending its services to the entire world.

founder image
founder image

About the Founder

Seema Jain is an educationalist with an experience and an expertise of over 20 years in the French language. She has been training individuals of diverse backgrounds including school/college students, professionals, entrepreneurs and retired and corporate personage. Her teaching experience includes training of CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, AP, IB and DELF curriculums. She also conducts workshops at schools, colleges and in the corporate world with the purpose of training the participants in such a way that would make tough parts of French like verbs, genders, adjectives, etc. easier for learners to apprehend and register in their minds. Through her unique ways of teaching, she has gained the reputation of a cogent communicator of knowledge.
As an author of the book “Le Bleu ou La Rose”, to which she has given more than 7 years in doing research on the exceptions of the genders of the nouns with their recognitions through their endings, she has almost specialized in the area that is supposed to be the most daunting task for any French learner. The site has been developed and made interactive keeping in mind to enhance and promote the ideas and concepts given in the book in the form of various limericks, anecdotes, poems, etc. and make the French learners confident with the genders of nouns through workshops and quizzes based on the book. The international-level competition “Le Combat des Genres” conducted through this site has actually been an interactive medium to test students’ knowledge on the same and validates their commitment and level of performance.
Her qualifications include Honours in System Management, Educational Planning and Management, Diploma in Cyber Laws, TEFL, besides having international accreditations to teach French.
She has also provided training to corporates and individuals in the fields of Soft Sills, Cyber Laws, Information Technology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Advanced Abacus Brain Development Programme, Vedic Maths, Radio-jockeying [voice modulation] and Spoken English.
“Learning the fun way” is the culture established and promoted at Sorobrain®.
-Seema Jain [Founder]

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